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Plastic Pails and Lids

Chrysalis Distributions Division carries a wide variety of plastic pails.

From 2 Litre to 20Litre in size, also available in the 21 Litre U.N. approved pails. These pails are manufactured from Food Grade H.D.P.E. resin.

Most commonly the pails we provide White and Natural in colour but we are also able to provide custom colours if you are looking for something specific or to match your company colours. Another feature that is available is off-set and silk screen printing to identify your products, M.S.D.S. and any other information you require.

Pails are commonly used to package and store several products like: Honey, drywall compound, oils, chemicals, and many food products including berries.

U.N. approved pails are used for shipping Hazardous chemicals within North America and shipping abroad. Please contact us to inquire about pail sizes and specifications that will meet your needs.