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The Chrysalis Distribution Division carries a wide variety of carboys which are a UN certified container for storing and shipping hazardous materials. This heavy duty container comes in a round or rectangular shape.

The no-glug feature on the neck allows for ease of pouring. The rectangular shape maximizes available space on a pallet or in your warehouse. They have a built in interlocking feature which helps with load stability when stacked together.

Our carboys are manufactured with H.D.P.E. food-grade resin with a recessed solid molded handle which allows for non-aligned stacking and no liquid will stick in the handle.


– good for a wide range of industrial products including most corrosive chemicals
– assorted liquid institutional food products

Returnable/refillable feature provides economy and promotes environmental awareness.

10 Litre | 20 LItre

10 Litre | 15 Litre | 20 Litre | 25 Litre | 30 LItre | 2.5 US Gallon

Carboys are available in natural, white, black and blue.