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Chrysalis Woods & Plastics Limited Partnership

Since 1975, Chrysalis has operated a business division in Edmonton, known as the “Chrysalis Woods & Plastics Limited Partnership” (Chrysalis W&PLP). It started with the Plastics division in 1975; created to provide a training centre and supplement the funding of the non-profit side of Chrysalis.

The goal of the Chrysalis Society is to increase the quality of programs and services offered to adults with developmental disabilities throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas.

With the success of the Plastics division, a Woods division was added in 1985. With both divisions operating out of Chrysalis Edmonton, the organization was able to broaden the range of products produced and reach a larger number of customers throughout Alberta and neighbouring provinces. Products range from plastic bottles to large wooden pallets.

We offer great customer service, a highly skilled production staff and the ability to create custom tailored products to suit your needs.

Chrysalis Woods & Plasters LP was featured on “Enterprises TV” in November 2015. Introduced by host, Terry Bradshaw, the Chrysalis W&PLP story of empowerment and social enterprise was shared to viewers around the globe. You may view it here: